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Dr. Michel MIROUDOT, French Senator. Knight of the Legion of Honour; Knight of Sporting Merit; Egyptian Grand Cross of Merit.


MIROUDOT, Dr. Michel was born on January 30, 1915 in Villersexel, Haute-Saône, France. Parents: Pierre Miroudot and Andrée Miroudot (née Petitjean).


Saint-Jean Institution, Besançon. Mont-Rolland College, Dole. Faculty of Medicine, Besancon and Lyon.

Doctor of Medicine, Diplomas in Radiology and Hygiene.


County Councillor, Haute-Saône (Villersexel), 195I-. Mayor of Villersexel, since 1953. Vice-Chmn, 1967, Chmn, 1976-1979, of Haute-Saône County Council.

Vice-Chmn, Franche-Comté Regional Council, since 1976. Independent, then UREI Senator for Haute-Saône, since 1968. Chairman of Consultative Parliamentary Delegation to ORTF (French TV and Radio), 1973-1974.

Houseman, Besançon hospitals, 1937-1939, Doctor, Villersexel, since 1942. Board member. FR-3 (France-Régions 3), since 1975. Chmn, Steering Committee, Georges Pompidou Centre, since 1981.

Member of National Consultative Committee on Health Sciences Ethics, 1983. Member of Academy of Science, Literature and Art, Besançon and Franche-Comté. Board member of National School of Palaeography and Librarianship, Paris.


Spouse Monique Bobillier, 1943. Children: Gilles, Marie-Hélène, Anne, Pierre.