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Deputy of the Supreme Council of the Republic of Lithuania

Dr Povilas VARANAUSKAS, Deputy of the Supreme Council of the Republic of Lithuania. medals for inventions, Main Committee for the Exhibitions of the USSR. 1969-1986; State Prize, Lithuanian Government, 1974; merited inventor of Lithuania. Presidium of the Supreme Council of Lithuania, 1978.


VARANAUSKAS, Dr Povilas was born in Antanas Varanauskas Kalneliskis. Pasvalys, Lithuania. Parents: Ona Varanauskiene and Milciute.


Kaunas Polytechnical Institute, Engineering. Machine Building. 1964, Doctor of Philosophy, Candidate of Sciences, 1970. Evening University of Marxism-Leninism, Kaunas, diploma.

Philosophy, 1965; spoken languages: Lithuanian. Russian, English.


Exile in Siberia, 1941-1949. Member, Sajudis Movement, 1988. Founder, Lithuanian Political Prisoners and Exiles Union, 1988, Council Member, since 1988.

Member of Parliament, since 1990. Member, Comm, for the Investigation of KGB activities in Lithuania, since 1990. Chairman, Comm, of the Rights of Resistance Participants, since 1990.

Construction engineer, Pergale factory, Kaunas. 1959-1965; lecturer, then docent, head of laboratory, Kaunas Polytechnical Institute, 1965-1990. Chairman, youth section, Lithuanian Society of Inventors, 1976-1988.


  • Technine Kuryba studenty praktiku ir stazuociu metu, 1979.