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Eduard Samuilovich Kuznetsov

editor , dissident

Eduard Kuznetsov, USSR Dissident, editor.


Kuznetsov, Eduard was born in 1939 in Moscow.


As a student studying philosophy-marxism at Moscow University, arrested for participation in the samizdat magazine Feniks with V. Osipov, 1961. Sentenced to 7 years in a strict regime prison camp. Released, 1968. Settled in Riga.

Became active in the Jewish national movement. 15 June 1970, arrested with a group of others attempting to hijack a Soviet plane in order to flee to the West. Sentenced to death. The Leningrad Delo Samoletchikov received world-wide publicity, and as a result the death sentence was commuted to 15 years in prison camps.

In 1979, exchanged for Soviet spies. Went to Israel, then moved to West Germany. News editor at Radio Liberty, Munich.

Chairman of the Resistance International.