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Edward Tyng Edit Profile

Naval officer

Edward Tyng was a British naval officer who was captain of the batteries and fortifications of Boston and in command of the first Massachusetts man-of-war Prince of Orange .


He was the son of Edward Tyng, who, during King William's War, was the commander of Fort Loyal, Fort William Henry and later became Governor of Acadia, only to be taken prisoner in the Naval battle off St. John (1691).


During King George's War he broke the Mi'kmaq militia, French and Acadian sieges of Annapolis Royal in 1744 and again the following year (1745). As commodore of the fleet, Tyng led 13 armed vessels and about 90 transports in the successful Louisbourg (1745). He participated in the Capture of the Vigilant and the destruction of Port Dauphin (Englishtown, Nova Scotia) in June 1745.


Married Elizabeth (Southack) Parnel, January 8, 1725. Married second, Ann Waldo, January 27, 1731.

Colonel Edward Tyng

Miss (Clarke) Tyng

Ann Waldo