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Edward Dailey Levy

oil industry executive.

Edward Dailey Levy, oil industry executive. Club: Bankers (New York.


Levy, Edward Dailey was born on October 16, 1879 in Paris, Texas, United States. Son of Henry and Clara (Marx) Levy.


Educational public schools.


Stenographer, clerk, various Southern rys., 1898-1906. With St. Louis&San Francisco Railway, 1906-1918, successively assistant superintendent car service, superintendent transportation, assistant general manager, general manager and 2d vice president (all Springfield, Missouri), until 1917. 1st vice-president and director same, at St. Louis, 1917-1918.

On staff Admiral F. T. Bowles of Emergency Fleet Corporation, as special transportation, stores and material expert, February-May 1918. Assistant to president American International Shipbldg. Corporation, Hog Island, Pennsylvania, 1918-1920.

President International Products County, New York, also Compania Internacional de Productos, 1920-1925. President Pierce Petroleum Corporation, St. Louis, 1925-1930. President Fisk Rubber Corporation, Fisk Tire Company, Federal Rubber Company, Badger Rubber Works and Fisk Tire Export Company, 1933-1936.

President Sloane-Blabon Corporation, 1936-1939. President Smoking Pipes, Inc., Paterson, New Jersey, since April 1, 1940.


Club: Bankers (New York.


Married Katye Lewis, November 15, 1899. Children: Henry, Sarah (Mistress.

Henry Levy

Clara (Marx) Levy

Katye Lewis

Henry Levy

Sarah (Mrs Levy