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Edward Leonce Dufourcq

mining engineer

Edward Leonce Dufourcq, American mining engineer. member Olcott, Fearn & Peele, cons.


Dufourcq, Edward Leonce was born on August 6, 1870 in New York, United States. Son of Leonce Felix and Hortense Louise (Geer) Dufourcq.


Columbia, 1886-1887; Engineer of Mines, School of Mines (Columbia), 1892.


Assistant engineer, mining, railroad and municipal work, Central America, Mexico and United States, 1892-1894. Superintendent International Mining Company, San Miguel del Mezquital, Mexico, 1894-1896. Superintendent Consolidated Kansas City Smelting & Refining Company, Sierra Mojada, Mexico, 1896-1898.

Member Olcott, Fearn & Peele, consultant engrs., New York, 1898-1901. Manager Andes Mining Company, Chimbote, Peru, 1901. General superintendent Montezuma Lead Company, Santa Barbara, Mexico, 1901-1904.

Consultant mining engineer, New York City, since 1904. President Dufourcq & Company, Inc., export trade.


Member Olcott, Fearn & Peele, cons.


Married Ernestine King, June 29, 1896 (died 1911). Married second, Effie E. Mason, 1917.

Leonce Felix Dufourcq

Hortense Louise (Geer) Dufourcq

Ernestine King

Effie E. Mason