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author , English language educator

Edward Martin Potoker, American English language educator, author. Recipient John Edgar Hoover award for distinguished public service, The Untouchables Memorial award, Eliot Ness Certified Appreciation, award Venerable Order of Justice; named a Knight of Justice, Michael the Archangel.


Potoker, Edward Martin was born on June 13, 1931 in Newark. Son of Benjamin and Bessie (Linn) Potoker.


Bachelor of Arts, Dartmouth College, 1953;Master of Arts, Columbia University, 1955;Doctor of Philosophy, Columbia University, 1964;postgraduate, U. Munich, Germany, 1955-1956.


Member editorial staff, New Yorker Magazine, 1957-1958;instructor English, U. Rochester, 1958-1959;lecturer English, Hunter College, 1960;member of faculty, City College of New York, since 1960;assistant Professor of English, City College of New York, since 1966;assistant Professor of English, Bernard M. Baruch College, New York City, 1968-1972;associate professor, Bernard M. Baruch College, New York City, 1972-1979;professor, Bernard M. Baruch College, New York City, since 1979;department chairman English, Bernard M. Baruch College, New York City, 1971, 76—;faculty member college senate Baruch School Education, Bernard M. Baruch College, New York City.


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    • Author: The Corn Grain, 1956, Ronald Firbank, 1969, John Brain, 1978. Contributor: Encyclopedia World Literature in the 20th Century, Groliers Encyclopedia International, The Dartmouth Alumni magazine, Ramparts. Book reviewer: New York Times Book Review, since 1962, Saturday Review, since 1965.

      Editor: The Ronald Firbank-Carl Van Vechten Correspondence, A Tragedy in Green and When Widows Love: Two Stories by Donald Firbank, 1978. Founding member: Journal Critical Analysis, 1969.


Charter member United States Ship Constitution Museum, 1991. Member American Association of University Professors, Modern Language Association, United States Justice Foundation, Americans for a Sound Foreign Policy, Council Inter-American Security, Young Americans for Freedom, Congressional Policy Institute, American Council for Free Asia, Citizens for the Republic, International Platform Association, Vietnam Vets American, National Eagle Scout Association, Heritage Foundation, Hale Foundation, United States Defense Committee, Council Volunteer Americans, Coalition for Freedom, American Security Council, Center for Free Society, National Congressional Club, National Right to Work Committee, American Immigration Control Foundation, Council National Defense, Battle of Normandy Foundation (charter), Navy League United States, National Association Chiefs of Police/American Police Hall of Fame (honorary chief 1991-1992), American Legion, DAV, Amvets, The American Legion, Vietnam Veterans of American, Vietnam Veterans Inc., Phi Beta Kappa Clubs: Andiron (New York City).


Married Berit Maria Arneberg, September 3, 1958. 1 son, Eric Benjamin.

Benjamin Potoker

Bessie (Linn) Potoker

Berit Maria Arneberg