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Member of the Bundestag

Egon SUSSET, German Member of the Bundestag. Federal Service Cross; Golden Ear with Diamond; Professor Niklas Medal.


SUSSET, Egon was born on June 3, 1929 in Wcinsberg-Wimmcntal, West Germany. Parents: Oswald Susset and Magdalena Susset (née Widmann).


Elementary school; vocational school of agriculture, Heilbronn. School of agriculture, Heilbronn. County public college, Fredeburg.


Member of district Executive Committee, Christian Democratic Union, since 1953. Elected to local council, 1956. Member of county Executive Committee, Junge Union (Young Union), since 1960.

Member of county Executive Committee, Christian Democratic Union, since 1962. County chairman, Committee for agricultural policy, Christian Democratic Union Baden-Württemberg. Elected to district assembly and district council, district of Heilbronn, 1965.

Mayor of Wimmental, 1968-1975. Chairman, Christian Democratic Union town and district association, Heilbronn. Federal Member of Parliament, since 1969.

Chairman, parly, working group on Nutrition, Agriculture and Forestry. Farmer and wine grower. Member of supervisory board.

Dairy Farmers' Co-operative, Unterland. Member of governing board. Wine Growers’ Co-operative, Wimmental.

Vicepresident, Farmers’ Association, Württemberg-Baden. Member of special committee on Wine Farmers’ Co-operative Association.




Spouse Hildegard Schrack, 1960. Children: Isolde, Martina, Georg, Michael.