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Eileen Heckart, American Actress. Recipient Outer Circle award, 1953, Daniel Blum award, 1953, SylvaniaTV award, 1954, Donaldson award, 1955, Hollywood Foreign Press award, 1956, March of Dimes award, 1970, Aegis award, 1970, Ohio State University Centennial award, 1970, Governor's award of Ohio, 1977, Ohiana Library. award, 1978, Emmy award, 1994, Lichtenberg award Pi Beta Phi, 1994; named toTheatre Hall of Fame, 1995. Member Pi Beta Phi. F C.


Heckart, Eileen was born on March 29, 1919 in Columbus, Ohio, United States. Daughter of Leo Herbert and Esther (Stark) Purcell.


Bachelor, Ohio State University, 1942. Doctor of Humane Letters (honorary), Ohio State University, 1981. Postgraduate, American Theatre Wing, 1948.

Doctor of Laws, Sacred Heart University, Bridgeport, Connecticut, 1973. Doctor of Fine Arts (honorary), Niagara University, 1981. Doctor of Fine Arts (honorary), St. John's University, 2001.


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    • Broadway plays include Voice of the Turtle, 1944, Brighten the Corner, 1946, They Knew What They Wanted, 1948, Stars Weep, 1949, The Traitor, 1950, Hilda Crane, 1951, In Any Language, 1953, Picnic, 1953, Bad Seed, 1955 (Tony nomination), A View From the Bridge, 1956, Dark at the Top of the Stairs, 1958 (Tony nomination), Invitation to a March, 1960 (Tony nomination), Everybody Loves Opal, 1961, Family Affair, 1962, Too True to Be Good, 1963, And Things That Go Bump in the Night, 1965, Barefoot in the Park, 1965-1966, You Know I Can't Hear You When the Water's Running, 1967, The Mother Lover, 1968, Butterflies Are Free, 1969 (Tony nomination), Veronica's Room, 1973, The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds, 1971, Remember Me, 1975, Mother Courage and Her Children, 1975, Mistress Gibbs in Our Town, 1976, Elemosynary, 1987, Northeast Local, 1995. One-woman shows: Eleanor, 1976, Ladies at the Alamo, 1977, Margaret Sanger-Unfinished Business, 1989, The Cemetery Club, 1990, Love Letters, 1991, Driving Miss Daisy, 1991, Waverly Gallery, 1999. Movies include Miracle in the Rain, Bad Seed (Oscar nomination), Bus Stop, Hot Spell, Daily Citation, 1956 (Oscar nomination, Drama Critics award), My Six Loves, 1962, Up the Down Staircase, 1966, Save Me a Place at Forest Lawn, 1967 (Emmy award), No Way to Treat a Lady, 1968, Butterflies Are Free, 1972 (Academy award, Straw Hat award 1973, 75, 77), Zandy's Bride, 1974, The Hiding Place, 1975, Burnt Offerings, 1975, Wedding Band, 1975 (Emmy nomination), Heartbreak Ridge, 1986, The Cemetery Club, 1990, Love Letters, 1990, Driving Miss Daisy, 1991, The First Wives Club, 1996.

      Television movies, since 1947. Television series Trauma Center, Annie McGuire, 1988-1989, Partners in Crime, Mary Tyler Moore Show, 1976, 77 (2 Emmy nominations), Back Stairs at the White House, 1979 (Emmy nomination), Franklin Delano Roosevelt's Last Year, 1987, The Cosby Show, 1987 (Emmy nomination), (daytime show) One Life to Live, 1987 (Emmy nomination), Love and War (Emmy award, Guest Actress - Comedy Series, 1994), The Five Mistress Buchanans, 1994.


Member Pi Beta Phi. F C.


Married John Harrison Yankee Junior, June 26, 1943. Children: Mark Kelly, Philip Craig, Luke Brian.

Leo Herbert Purcell

Esther (Stark) Purcell

John Harrison Yankee Junior

Mark Kelly Heckart

Philip Craig Heckart

Luke Brian Heckart