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Ekaterina Vasil’evna Geltser


Ekaterina Geltser, USSR Ballerina.


Geltser, Ekaterina was born on November 4, 1876 in Moscow. Daughter of the ballet dancer Vasilii Geltser.


Graduated from the Moscow Choreographic School, 1894.


Joined the Bolshoi Theatre and soon became a star. With the Mariinskii Theatre from 1896. Worked under Marius Petipa.

Returned to the Bolshoi in 1898. In 1910, performed in Brussels and Berlin, and took part in the Ballets Russes seasons in Paris. In 1911, with the Bolshoi in London, and in America with M. Mordkin.

Her career lasted nearly until the begining of World War II. Believed to have been one of Stalin’s favourite ballerinas. Performed privately at the Kremlin.