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Elena Dmitrievna Stasova

politician , Revolutionary

Elena Stasova, USSR Revolutionary, politician.


Stasova, Elena was born on October 15, 1873 in St. Petersburg. Daughter of Dmitrii Stasov.


Educated at a Petersburg high school.


Together with Nadezhda Krupskaia, carried out Bolshevik agitation in schools for workers. In 1898, an agent of the Soiuz Bor’by Za Osvobozhdenie Rabochego Klassa. In 1901, began working as an agent of Iskra.

Party work in Petersburg, Orel, Moscow, Smolensk, Kiev and other cities. From 1904-1906, Secretary of the Northern Bureau of the Central Committee of the Petersburg RSDRP, then the Russian Bureau of the Central Committee of the RSDRP. In 1906, in Geneva worked for Proletarii. 1907-1912, propagandist in Tbilisi.

Many short arrests. Exile in Siberia, 1913-1916. 1917-1920, Secretary of the Central Committee of the Bolshevik Party. Took an active part in the October Revolution 1917.

During the 1920s, held various party posts all over the country. From 1921, at the Comintern. From 1935-1943, in the International Section of the Comintern.

1938-1946, editor of Inostrannaia Literatura (English and French editions).