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Elizabeth Kaye is an award-winning journalist who has written several books on subjects ranging from the Los Angeles Lakers to the American Ballet Theatre.


Mrs. Kaye was born in Baltimore, Maryland, United States, in 1945. She is a daughter of Robert (a pediatrician and professor) and Lynn (a fundraiser and activist; maiden name, Daroff; present surname, Lane) Kaye.


Elizabeth Kaye attended Boston University and Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre.


Mr. Kaye is a full-time writer. She has been a contributing editor, Esquire, Rolling Stone, and California, all starting from 1988.


  • Elizabeth Kaye is an outstanding writer. Her most recent book, Lifeboat No. 8: An Untold Tale of Love, Loss, and Surviving the Titanic, rose to number one on the Amazon and New York Times e-book bestseller lists.



Quotations: Elizabeth Kaye told CA: "I write because nothing seems real to me until and unless I write it down. I also write to try to understand what think about the various, ongoing stimuli that comprise experience. I am beginning to think my work is chiefly influenced by the combination of (and tension between) my aspirations and my limitations.

My writing is inspired by a desire to understand particular experiences that are common to people, such as aging, dying, and loving, and the attempt to understand the experience of people (Rudolf Nureyev '''Quid be an example) who have the unique quality Iook of as 'otherness,' who therefore live essentially without peers."


  • Other Interests

    ballet, theater, film, garbing, cooking