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Elva Hsiao Edit Profile

also known as Elva Siu, Xiao Yaxuan, Xiao Yazhi

model , singer , actress

Elva Hsiao is one of the top Taiwanese Mandopop singers.


She was educated at John Casablanca's College in Vancouver, Canada. She is fluent in both written and spoken English.


Her singing career starts in Vancouver. She enters a local singing contest named New Talent Singing Awards Vancouver Audition 1998, choosing Coco Lee's song as her competition piece. She became one of the twelve finalists, effectively launching her career in music..

In 1999 Elva released her debut album with Virgin Records Taiwan. It was an instant hit in Asia, topping record charts and out selling several established singers.

In 2001, Elva ventured into the Japanese music market, releasing her album "Elva first", in which she recorded both Chinese and English songs.

In 2002, she successfully held her first mega concert in the prestigious Hong Kong Coliseum.

She shifted her concert venue back to her homeland, Taiwan, in 2003. The concert was titled Elva 2003 Up2U. In addition, she also held her concert in Singapore in the same year.

But in 2004 Elva decided to leave Virgin records and signed with Warner Music Taiwan a year later in 2005. Just as Elva's music career track was running smoothly, organisation changes in Warner Music Taiwan caused her album to be delayed indefinitely. She briefly ended the contract in early 2006 but after much consideration, she rechose Warner Music Taiwan as her record company.

It wasn't until June of 2006 that Elva finally released a new single, "The World I Want", from the still-unreleased album.

In October 2006, Elva released the single, "Elva is Back" as a promotional single to show her fans that she is indeed returning to the music scene.

After the contract with Warner Music, Elva decided to switch back to EMI Virgin Records in 2008.

Elva switched her record company to Gold Typhoon after Gold Label Record's acquisition of EMI Music Taiwan in August 2008.


  • Achievement  of Elva Hsiao

    Elva's1st album (Elva Hsiao Self-Titled Album) had overwhelming success in Asia, topping record charts and out selling several established singers. This album shifted 1 million copies in total, escalating Elva to young diva status.

  • Elva has also appeared in several television ads for a variety of different companies like Avon, Motorola, Pantene, Sprite, and De Beers diamonds. She also had roles in 2002's Infernal Affairs and 2004's The Butterfly Lovers.


  • album

    • Elva Hsiao Self-Titled Album (1999)

    • Red Rose (2000)

    • Tomorrow (2001)

    • 4U (2002)

    • Love's Theme Song, Kiss (2002)

    • In Love with Love (2003)

    • Fifth Avenue (2003)

    • 1087 (2006)

    • 3-Faced Elva (2008)

    • Diamond Candy (2009)

    • Miss Elva (2010)

    • I'm Ready (2011)


  • Sport & Clubs

    volleyball, water sports, gymnastics

  • Other Interests

    Singing, drawing, reading art books, dancing, the Internet, watching movies, sleeping, travelling

  • Music & Bands

    Mandopop, jazz, hip-hop, folk, classics


Hsiao Yao - China

Ye Shou Lin - China - director

Ye started a semi-conductor firm in 2001 and was rumored to own assets worth more than a billion Taiwan dollars (S$44 million). She passed away on New Year's Day after a long fight with cervical cancer. She was 53.