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En-chao Miao Edit Profile

also known as E. C. Miao

civil engineer

En-chao Miao was a chinese civil engineer involved in the construction of several important buldings.


En-chao Miao was born in 1893 in Changchow, Kiangsu.


He received his early education at St. John's University, Shanghai and graduated from Tsing Hua University, Peking, 1914 studied at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston, Mass., U.S.A., graduating in 1918 with B.S. degree in civil engineering and S.B. degree from Harvard University.


After graduation, joined J.. B. Ferguson & Company, an engineering firm, in supervising the construction of U.S. Government Camp Abraham Eustis, Va., U.S.A., as draftsman, transitman, designer and then as assistant engineer to an engineering work which involved an expenditure of G. $15,000,000; returned to China at the end of 1919, and engaged in export and import business in Shanghai for a few years; professor at Nanyang Railway and Mining College, Shanghai; head of the Civil Engineering Department of Hunan Polytechnical Institute, Hunan; field engineer of the Hupeh Committee of the International Famine Relief Commission; construction engineer of the engineering department of Standard Oil Co. of N.Y., Hankow since 1929 joined the National Wu-Han University as supervising as well aB designing engineer for putting up the new University buildings, roads, water and sewer systems, sanitary and heating systems, on a compus of nearly 3,000 mow of land, outside Wuchang City, by the East Lake with a total expenditure of $3,500,000.