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Eric Fischl Edit Profile

artist , printmaker , draughtsman

Eric Fischl, is an American painter, printmaker and draughtsman. Named National Academician, National Academy of Design, 1994. Member of American Academy Arts and Letters.


Fischl, Eric was born in 1948 in New York City.


Phoenix Junior College, Arizona, Arizona State University, Tempe.


Fischl has embraced the description of himself as a painter of the suburbs, not generally considered appropriate subject matter prior to his generation. Some of Fischl's earlier works have a theme of adolescent sexuality and voyeurism, such as Sleepwalker (1979) which depicts an adolescent boy masturbating into a children's pool. Bad Boy (1981) and Birthday Boy (1983) both depict young boys looking at older women shown in provocative poses on a bed. In Bad Boy, the subject is surreptitiously slipping his hand into a purse. In Birthday Boy, the child is depicted naked on the bed.

In 2002, Fischl collaborated with the Museum Haus Esters in Krefeld, Germany. Haus Esters is a 1928 home, designed by Mies van der Rohe in 1928 to be a private home.


  • painting

    • Corrida in Ronda No. 1

    • Willie and Liz

    • Untitled

    • On the Stairs of the Temple

    • The Travel of Romance, Scene II

    • Daddy's Girl

    • A Woman Posessed

    • A Visit to - A Visit from the Island

    • The Clemente Family

    • The Begining of the End

    • Krefeld Project Bathroom Scene 2

    • Untitled

    • Four Generations of Dickie Men

    • Truman Capote in Hollywod

    • Fred

    • The Raft

    • The Bed, the Chair, the Sitter

    • Self Portrait

    • Scenes From Late Paradise The Parade

    • Time for Bed

    • The Travel of Romance, Scene I

    • Sleepwalker

    • Birth of Love (2nd Version)

    • The Empress of Sorrow

    • Sisters of Cythera

    • The Sheer Weight of History

    • So She Moved into the Light

    • Portrait of an Artist as a Woman

    • Dancer

    • Scenes From Late Paradise The Drink

    • Untitled

    • New House

    • The Bed, the Chair, Crossing

    • Birthday Boy

    • Growing Up in the Company of Women II

    • Bayonne

    • Girl on a Drawing Table

    • Scenes of Late Paradise The Welcome

    • The Start of a Fairy Tale

    • The Travel of Romance

    • Corrida in Ronda No. 6,

    • What's Between You and Me

    • Study for Sheer Weight of History

    • Beach Scene with Pink Hat

    • Untitled

    • Scenes From Late Paradise Beached

    • The Bed, the Chair, Touched

    • Untitled (Brice in Pink Shirt)

    • Once Where We Looked to put Down

    • Untitled

    • The Bed, the Chair, Dancing, Watching

    • Krefeld Project Bedroom Scene 1

    • Barbecue

    • Master Bedroom

    • Cyclops Among the Eternally Dead

    • The Bed, the Chair, Waiting

    • Untitled

    • Untitled

    • Corrida in Ronda No. 4

    • Untitled

    • Scarsdale

    • Portrait of the Artist as an Old Man

    • Growing up in the Company of Women III

    • The Life of Pigeons

    • The Offspring of a Murderous Love

    • Krefeld Project Living Room Scene 4

    • Untitled

    • Beautiful Day

    • Krefeld Project Living Room Scene 3

    • Beata Ludovica

    • By the River

    • Holy Man

    • Portrait of a Couple Steve and Anne in LA

    • The Old Man's Boat

    • Catboy

    • Girl with Doll

    • Kowdoolie

    • The Travel of Romance, Scene IV

    • Bad Boy

    • Best Western Study


Member of American Academy Arts and Letters.