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Member of the Bundesrat

Erich HOLZINGER, Austrian Member of the Bundesrat. Kommerzialrat.


HOLZINGER, Erich was born on June 22, 1930 in Eferding, Austria.


Linz Technical College, faculty of Mechanical Engineering, 1945-1949.


District councillor, 1961-1979. Member and Vice-Chairman of the Committee, People's Bank, Eferding, 1968-1972. and Chairman of The Board, since 1972. District group Chairman, Austrian Employers’ and Trade People's Federation, Eferding, since 1972.

Chairman of Chamber of Industry, district branch, Eferding, Upper Austria, since 1975. Deputy Director, Department of Trade, Upper Austrian Chamber of Industry, since 1981. Sent to Bundesrat from Upper Austrian Provincial Assembly, Member of Bundesrat since 1983.

Trained as mill engineer. Worked in family business, since 1949, works manager, since 1960, owner of Matthias Holzinger Mill and Mechanical Engineering Company, Eferding, since 1967. Deputy provincial Guild Master, Upper Austrian Guild of Metal Workers and Smiths, since 1985.

Chairman of Tourist Association. Eferdinger Landl, since 1986.