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Philosopher , zoologist

Ernst MAYR, American professor of biology. numerous awards including Leidy Medal of Academy; Medal of Linnean Society; Medal of N; Medal of American Museum of Natural History 1969; Medal of Science 1970; Medal 1977; Medal, Royal Society; Medal 1986. N.A.S., American Philosophical Society; Royal Society, Academy, des Sciences 1989; of 19 foreign societies.


Mayr, Ernst was born on July 5, 1904 in Kempten, Germany. Came to the United States, 1931. Son of Otto and Helene (Pusinelli) Mayr.


Candidate medical, University Greifswald, 1925. Doctor of Philosophy, University Berlin, 1926. Doctor of Philosophy (honorary), Uppsala University, Sweden, 1957.

Honorary Doctor of Science, Yale University, 1959. Honorary Doctor of Science, University Melbourne, 1959. Honorary Doctor of Science, Oxford University, 1966.

Honorary Doctor of Science, University Munich, 1968. Honorary Doctor of Science, University Paris, 1974. Honorary Doctor of Science, Harvard University, 1980.

Honorary Doctor of Science, Guelph University. Honorary Doctor of Science, University Cambridge, 1982. Honorary Doctor of Science, University Vermont, 1984.

Doctor of Science (honorary), University Massachusetts, 1993. Doctor of Philosophy (honorary), University Vienna, 1994. Doctor of Philosophy (honorary), University Konstanz, 1994.

Doctor of Science (honorary), University Bologna, 1995. Doctor of Science (honorary), Rollins College, 1997. Doctor ner. national (honorary), University Berlin, 2000.


Assistant curator zoological museum University Berlin, 1926-1932. Member Rothschild expedition to Dutch New Guinea, 1928, expedition to Mandated Ty. of New Guinea, 1928-1929, Whitney Expedition, 1929-1930. Research associate American Museum Natural History, New York City, 1931-1932, associate curator, 1932-1944, curator, 1944-1953.

Jesup lecturer Columbia University, 1941. Alexander Agassiz professor zoology Harvard University, 1953-1975, emeritus, 1975—2005. Director Museum Comparative Zoology, Harvard University, 1961-1970.

Messenger lecturer Cornell University, 1985. Hitchcock professor University California, 1987. Honorary fellow Center for Philosophy of Science, University Pittsburgh.



President XIII International Ornith. Congress, 1962. Fellow Linnaean Society New York (past secretary editor), American Ornithological Union (president 1956-1959), New York Zoological Society. Member National Academy of Sciences, American Philosophical Society, American Academy Arts and Sciences, American Society Zoologists, Society Systematic Zoology (president 1966), Society Study Evolution (secretary 1946, president 1950).

Honorary or correspondent member Royal Society, Royal Australian, British ornithological unions, Zoological Society London, Society Ornithological France, Royal Society New Zealand, Botanical Gardens Indonesia, South Africa Ornithological Society, Linnean Society London, Deutsche Akademie der naturforsch Leopoldina, Accad. Naz. dei Lincei, Royal Society, Academie des Science, Center for Philosophy of Science (Pittsburgh), Russian Academy of Sciences, Berlin-Brandenburgische Akademie, New York Academy of Sciences, Darwin Science Berlin, Muelleriana.


Married Margarete Simon, May 4, 1935 (deceased 1990). Children: Christa E. Menzel, Susanne Harrison.

Otto Mayr

Helene (Pusinelli) Mayr

Margarete Simon

Christa E. Menzel Mayr

Susanne Harrison Mayr