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general , Secretary

Erwin HUBER, German Secretary General of Christlich Soziale Union (CSU).


HUBER, Erwin was born on July 26, 1946.


Primary School, Oberhausen and Reisbach. Evening High School, Dingolfing. University Munich, Economics.

Spoken languages: english.


Employee. Ministry of Finance. Member of Kreisrat Dingolfing-Landau and municipal and district chairman, Youth Union, since 1972. Member of Diet Bavaria, since 1978.

Acting District Chairman, Christlich Soziale Union (Christian Social Union) Working Group on District Planning and Environmental Protection and on Policing, since 1980. Member of Group committee, CSULandtag, since 1984. Chairman, Diet committee for Rural Development and Environmental Issues, since 1986.

Deputy General Secretary Christlich Soziale Union (Christian Social Union), 1987-1988. General Secretary Christlich Soziale Union (Christian Social Union), since 1988. Finance administration, Bavaria, since 1970.


Roman Catholic.