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Esfir' H'inishna Shub

Documentary film-maker

Esfir' Shub, USSR Documentary film-maker.


Shub, Esfir' was born on March 16, 1894.


Graduated from the Moscow Higher Women’s Courses.


Secretary of the theatrical section of the People’s Commissariat of Education, 191921. Entered the film industry, 1922, as an editor. Worked as senior editor of feature films at Goskino until 1942.

Worked at the State Film Archive researching footage of life at the Winter Palace, following which she produced the film Padenie Dinastii Romanovykh (The Fall of the Romanov Dynasty), 1927, which has since became a valuable historical documentary. Using archive material, compiled other films: Velikii Pul’, 1927, and Rossiia Nikolaia II i Lev Tolstoy (The Russia of Nicholas II and Leo Tolstoy), 1928. In the 1930s, made considerable efforts shooting propaganda films using archive material to support the party line.

In 1934, worked in Turkey, producing Turtsiia Na Podeme. In 1939, with the documentary film-maker Roman Karmen, made a film about the Spanish Civil War from a Stalinist point of view.