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Eugene Henry Cozzens Leutze Edit Profile

Naval officer

Eugene Henry Cozzens Leutze, German naval officer. member Board Inspection and Survey, 1904-1905.


Leutze, Eugene Henry Cozzens was born on November 16, 1847 in Düsseldorf, Prussia. Son of Emanuel and Julia Leutze.


Appointed to the United States Naval Academy by President Lincoln from District of Columbia, 1863, graduate 1867.


Promoted ensign, December 18, 1868. Master, March 21, 1870. Lieutenant, March 21, 1871.

Lieutenant commander, March 26, 1889. Commander, January 5, 1897. Captain, October 9, 1901.

Rear admiral, July 6, 1907. On various ocean survey expeditions. Commanded Michigan, 1896-1897, Alert, 1897-1898, Monterey, May 1898-December 1899, and participated in taking city of Manila.

Commandant Navy Yard, Cavite, P.I., 1898-1900. Superintendent naval gun factory, Washington, 1900-1902. Commanded Maine, 1902-1904.

Member Board Inspection and Survey, 1904-1905. Commandant Navy Yard, Washington, and superintendent naval gun factory, 1905-1910. Retired by operation of law, November 16, 1909, but continued on active duty.

Commandant Navy Yard and Station, New York, 1910.


Member Board Inspection and Survey, 1904-1905.


Married Julia Jarvis McAlpine, March 1873. Children: Mary Eugenia (deceased), Trevon Wm.

Emanuel Leutze

Julia Leutze

Julia Jarvis McAlpine

Mary Eugenia Leutze (deceased)

Trevon Wm Leutze