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Evgenia Bogdanovna Bosh

Revolutionary , Cheka official

Evgenia Bosh, USSR Revolutionary, Cheka official.


Bosh, Evgenia was born on August 23, 1879 in Ochakov into a working class family.


Joined the Social Democratic Party in 1901. At the age of 16 married the son of a factory owner. Soon left him and joined the Bolshevik, Piatakov.

Active in Kiev. First member and secretary of the Kiev Committee of the RSDRP, 1909-1910. Arrested and exiled to Siberia in 1913. Fled with Piatakov abroad through Vladivostok.

Lived in Switzerland, later in Scandinavia. After the February Revolution 1917, tried to organize the Bolshevik forces in the Ukraine against the Ukrainian Rada (Nationalist Government). Became People’s Commissar of the Interior (chief of thesecret police) in the first communist Ukrainian government in Khar’kov in 1918.

During the Civil War, took part in several terror missions (Penza, Astrakhan, Gomel). Commissar of the Caspian-Caucasian front. Accused of Trotskyism in 1923, arrested and committed suicide in a Moscow prison two years later.


Idea of God is a virus of human mind.


All policy decisions should be made in the light of the continued, permanent development of the theory of Marxism–Leninism.