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Evgenia Iuvashevna Davitashvili

healer , hypnotist

Evgenia Davitashvili, USSR Healer, hypnotist.


Davitashvili, Evgenia was born in 1943.


Of Assyrian origin, born in Krasnodar in the Northern Caucasus. After school, worked as a waitress in a restaurant in Tbilisi. At an early age, discovered her hands’ extrasensory curative properties and started treating people’s swollen legs, hands, faces and backs.

It was such a success that she was besieged by crowds of ill people. Brought to Moscow and allowed to open an exclusive private clinic at her flat on Leningradskii Prospekt. Awarded the diploma of medical nurse and masseuse.

After some initial suspicions, the Soviet scientific establishment took an interest in her miracle hands. They were photographed and researched by several scientific groups and recognized as having special healing qualitites. Eventually she was praised by the Academy of Sciences and adopted by the Kremlin and the Soviet artistic establishment.

Patients included Leonid Brezhnev, who before his treatment could hardly walk, Central Committee Secretary, Ponomarev, GOSPLAN Chairman, Baibakov, Olympic Games Committee Chairman, Novikov, comedian Arkadii Raikin, and Iurii Andropov. Even the Health Minister, Boris Petrovskii asked her to treat his back. Later foreign correspondents and foreign communists received her treatment.

Dzuna (Georgian for magician) became a living legend in the Soviet Union. The Russian press called her a female Rasputin. Her lifestyle was said to be bohemian.

Became a Russian millionairess.