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Evgenii Pavlovich Leonov


Evgenii Leonov, USSR Actor.


Leonov, Evgenii was born on September 2, 1926.


Graduated from the Moscow Drama Studio in 1947.


Popular comedian. From 1948, worked in the Moscow Stanislavskii Drama Theatre, then in the Moscow Lenin Komsomol Theatre. His tutor was Mikhail Ianshin. First film, Lucky Flight, in 1949.

Became famous in comedies directed by Riazanov and Danelia. Other films: The Rumiantsev Case (1956), Unforgettable Spring (1957), A SerfActress (1963), A Tale of the Don (1964), The Snow-Queen (1967), Zigzag of Success (1969), Cheer Up! (1969), Shine Bright. My Star (1970), Tchaikovskii (1970), The Gentlemen of Fortune (1972), Afonia (1975).