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Evgenii Iakovlevich Urbanskii

film actor

Evgenii Urbanskii, USSR Film actor.


Urbanskii, Evgenii was born on February 27, 1932.


Graduated from the MKHAT Studio School, 1957.


Joined the Moscow Stanislavskii Drama Theatre. Entrusted with the leading role in Iu. Raizman’s film Kommunist, 1958.

Became a celebrity for his 2 Films - The Ballad of a Soldier (director, G. Chukhrai), in which he played the minor but unforgettable part of a war-invalid, and The Letter That Was Never Sent (Neotpravlennoe Pis’mo), 1960 (directed by M. Kalatozov). Became a national hero when he appeared in Chukhrai’s anti-Stalinist Film Chistoe Nebo (The Clear Skies), 1961. In 1968, E. Stashevskaia-Naroditskaia made a Film about him.