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Ezequiel Adamovsky Edit Profile

historian , political activist

Ezequiel Adamovsky is an Argentine historian and political activist who has written many articles and books about intellectual history, globalization, anti-capitalism and left-wing politics.


Adamovsky, Ezequiel was born on March 19, 1971 in Buenos Aires.


Doctor of Philosophy in History, University College London, 2004.


Adamovsky has been involved in national and international social movements such as the Asambleas movement (a grassroots phenomenon emerging in Argentina after the Rebellion of 2001), a number of collectives of global resistance and the World Social Forum. He is currently employed as Professor of Russian History at the University of Buenos Aires and as Researcher in CONICET. He is also a frequent contributor to left-leaning periodicals and web-pages, such as Z Magazine, Rebellion.org, and Opendemocracy.org.


[International Organization for a Participatory Society]He is a member of the interim consultative committee of the International Organization for a Participatory Society which he describes as offering "the chance to rebuild the internationalist tradition of the Left by taking into account the lessons we have learned from history".