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Fabio Garofolo, PhD Edit Profile

vice-president , Head of Research

Dr. Fabio Garofolo is a Canadian Executive working in the Pharmaceutical field.


Chemistry and Psychology


Dr. Fabio Garofolo has been working in the pharmaceutical and analytical fields since 1989. Capitalizing on an extensive occupational background within his specialization field, he has also been involved to help scientific non-profit organizations (AAPS, ASMS, CFABS, CVG, GBC, GCC and NBC) with the mission to promote discussion on the pharmaceutical practices. Dr. Garofolo has progressed throughout in his career in both the pharma/biotech R&D and CRO industries and he is presently the Head of Research at Angelini Pharma. He has over 180 publications & presentations in international conferences. Dr. Garofolo developed over 400 innovative methods. He designed and invented 3 innovative bioanalytical approaches and is the recipient of the following Lilly awards: Achievement (2001); Global (2002); Emmerson (2003). His current interests include analysis of Large Molecules by Hybrid LBA/LCMS, HRMS, DBS, and LBA Emerging Technologies.