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Fang Chang Edit Profile

government official

Chang Fang was an official who took part in the 1911 Revolution.


Mr. Chang was born in Hsing An district, Honan, China in 1886.


Chang Fang received his training at the Paoting Military Academy in Chihli.


Following graduation, Chang Fang entered army service and took active part in the 1911 Revolution, being appointed commander of the eastern route of the Revolutionary Army, defeating the Manchu Forces at the decisive battle at Han Kuo Kwan in 1912, he was appointed Commander of the 2nd Division of the Shensi Army and later Garrison Commander of Han Chung District in Shensi.

In 1917, he took a position of Commander of the Shensi Expeditionary Army and in 1918 was promoted vice Commander-in-Chief of the National Pacification Army. In 1922, he retired from military service and organised The Ming Seng Mining Company in Honan. In 1928, he was appointed Commissioner of Reconstruction of Honan and for a time was acting Chairman of Honan Provincial Government. In 1930, when Honan Provincial Government was removed to Kwei Teh, he was re-appointed acting Chairman and concurrently Field-Commander of the 20th Route Army of the Expeditionary Forces.

After the collapse of the Northern Military Coalition in October 1930, he was re-appointed Commissioner of Reconstruction of Honan Provincial Government and concurrently Chairman of the Honan Provincial Famine Relief Committee, while still retaining his military posts. Later he was elected member of the Honan Provincial Government and concurrently Commander of the 76th Division.