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Finis Ewing was the primary founder of the Cumberland Presbyterian Denomination on February 4, 1810.


Ewing, Finis was born on July 10, 1773 in Brevard County, Virginia, United States. Son of Robert and Mary (Baker) Ewing.


When Kentucky Synod turned against the revival movement and moved to discipline what it considered to be rebellious presbyteries, in 1805, Ewing found himself with the outcasts. The synod believed that it was protecting the integrity of the ministry by requiring a classical education prior to ordination. Frontier presbyteries protested that they had an immediate need for ministers and that frontier preachers could hardly be expected to attend Princeton Theological Seminary.

By 1810, it was obvious that a reunion would not happen in the near future. Ewing, along with ministers Samuel McAdow and Samuel King, constituted an independent Cumberland Presbytery on February 4, 1810.


Married Peggy David, 1793.

Robert Ewing

Mary (Baker) Ewing

Peggy David