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Francesco RUTELLI


Francesco RUTELLI, Italian Deputy.


RUTELLI, Francesco was born on June 14, 1954 in Rome, Italy.


Federation Councillor. PR; Vice-Sec PR; member Federation Committee, PR. Political sec, PR, 1981.

Federation Treasurer, PR, 1983. Conscientious objector. Disarmament activist, arrested and imprisoned for distributing an anti-militarist leaflet, 1981.

Copromoter of Institute of Research for Disarmament. President Radical Committee of Consumers. Elected Deputy, Rome-Viterbo-LatinaFrosinone, 1983.

President Parly, group, 1984 - end of 9th Legislature. Reelected Deputy, Naples-Caserta, 1987. Confirmed as President Radical Group (now called European Federalist).

Member Committee on Budget, Treasury and Planning. Journalist.