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Francis Butler Loomis

diplomatist , foreign trade adviser.

Francis Butler Loomis, American diplomatist, foreign trade adviser. Decorated Grand Officer Legion of Honor (France), 1904; Order of Sacred Treasure, 1st class (Japan), 1909; Grand Cordon, Crown of Italy, 1st class, 1912; Order of Bolivar, 1st class (Venezuela). Charter member American Red Cross.


Loomis, Francis Butler was born on July 27, 1861 in Marietta, Ohio, United States. Son of Judge William B. and Frances (Wheeler) Loomis.


Bachelor of Arts, Marietta College, 1883.


Francis Butler Loomis, Junior (United States Marine Corps), Florence Isabel Loomis. Ohio State librarian, 1885-1887. Washington correspondent, 1887-1890.

American consul at Saint-Étienne and Grenoble, France, 1890-1893. Editor Cincinnati Daily Tribune, 1893-1896. Envoy Extraordinary anu Minister Plenipotentiary to Venezuela, 1897-1901, to Portugal, 1901-1902.

1st assistant secretary of state, 1902. Appointed secretary of state ad interim, July 2, 1905. Active in the movement for building up American commerce in Latin America.

Arranged for Parcel Post conventions. Opened negotiations for extradition and reciprocity treaties. Made long trip up Orinoco River on United States man-of-war “Wilmington,” 1898, for the purpose of seeking opportunities for the development of American commercial opportunities.

Conducted final negotiations leading to acquisition of Panama Canal Zone by United States Government. Visited Santo Domingo with Admiral Dewey on the “Mayflower,” and arranged for the modus vivendi, Customs collections, under United States supervision. Special ambassador to France, to receive remains of John Paul Jones from the French Government, dune 23, 1905.

Appointed (1908) special Electrical Engineer to Japan, to make certain representations to Japanese Government respecting the visit of the American Fleet in that year to Japan. United States commissioner general to Turin Exposition, 1912. Delegate United States Government to International Exposition Congress, Berlin, 1912.


Clubs: Country (Burlingame, California).


Married Elizabeth M. Mast, April. Children: Colonel.

Judge William B. Loomis

Frances (Wheeler) Loomis

Elizabeth M. Mast

Col Loomis