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Francis Harvey Deter, Edit Profile

carto/graphic service director

Francis Harvey Deter,, American carto/graphic service director. Sergeant USM, 1954-1958. Member Pan American Institute Georgraphy and History.


Deter,, Francis Harvey was born on April 21, 1936 in Cincinnati. Son of Francis Harvey and Beth Means (Pringle) Deter.


Student, We. Pennsylvania Institute Technology, 1959-1960;Student, George Washington University, 1976-1977;Student, University of Virginia, 1978.


Engineer, Bureau Public Rds., Arlington, Virginia, 1960-1961;engineer, Federal Aviation Agency, Arlington, 1961-1964;cartographer, Federal Aviation Agency, Leesburg, Virginia, 1964-1967;cartographer, Defense Intelligence Agency, Arlington, 1966-1967;director carto/graph services, National Capital Planning Commission, Washington, since 1967. Designer, consultant architecture and engineering, Washington, since 1962. President Pine Creek Forests, Inc., District of Columbia and Pennsylvania, since 1981.


The life with Christ has nothing to do with being in a "church" atmosphere for all eternity. God’s salvation involves far more. He is planning to make his children productive, creative, useful, and supremely happy, within an environment of spiritual perfection, health, peace, and love.


The separation of church and state has guaranteed the diversity of religious expressions and the freedom to worship God according to each person’s conscience. However, separation of church and state permit interaction.


Church members should meet regularly in order to be accountable to each other about how each person was living the Christian life.


Sergeant USM, 1954-1958. Member Pan American Institute Georgraphy and History.


Married Alice Loraine Hepler, November 25, 1959. 1 child, Patricia Beth.

Francis Harvey Deter,

Beth Means (Pringle) Deter,

Alice Loraine Hepler

Patricia Beth Deter,