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Franco Gambarelli Edit Profile

research and development company executive

Franco Gambarelli was Italian research and development company executive.


Gambarelli, Franco was born on March 31, 1950 in Sassuolo, Italy. Son of Renato Gambarelli and Maria Cuoghi.


Engineer in elettrotechnoloy, Instituto Tecnico Industriale Fermo Corni, Modena, 1969.


Electrical operator industrial tiles Gardenia Orchidea Company, Fiorano, 1969—1971. Manager electronic machines for tiles quality test Guglia Società per Azioni Company, Sassuolo, 1971—1973. Owner and electrical/electronic system designer Certified General Accountants snc Company, Fiorano, 1973—1980.

Owner and technical department manager Certified General Accountants Sistemi snc, Fiorano, 1980—1990, Nuova Certified General Accountants Sistemi srl, Fiorano, 1990—1995. Owner and product manager new automatic drugs management system Nuova Certified General Accountants Sitsemi srl, Maranello, 1995—2000. R&d manager Swisslog Italia Società per Azioni, Maranello, Modena, 2000—2006.

Retired, 2007; consultant in field, since 2007. Soldier telecommunications, 1970-1971, Rome Italy.


  • Achievements include patents for automated systems and a method for the delivery and distribution of articles in groups. Patents for cover for storage affording access to a selected part thereof. Patents for packages containing a plurality of product units.

    Patents for system for automatic storage and withdrawal of objects and transfer device used in the systems. Patents for systems for singling and transfering objects, and transfer device used in the system. Patents for device and method for the transport of groups of ordered individual products.


  • Other Interests

    Judo, piano, sailing, drums.


Married Lidia Gibellini, June 3, 1973. 1 child Elisa.

Renato Gambarelli

Maria Cuoghi

Lidia Gibellini

Elisa Gambarelli