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Franz Xaver Schwarz Edit Profile


Treasurer of the Nazi Party and a member of Hitler's Old Guard from his early Munich days.


Franz Schwarz was born on 27 November 1875 in Gunzburg.


Attended high school in Gunzburg.


After military service Schwarz was employed as a military administrative clerk and then as a municipal official in Munich. Following war service, he joined the Nazi Party in 1922 and with its refounding in 1925 he became Reichsschatzmeister (National Treasurer), a full-time position which he held until the end of the Third Reich, taking over duties previously performed by Max Amann.

In 1933 he was elected to the Reichstag, representing the electoral district of Franconia. In 1935 he became a Reich Leader and in 1943 he was awarded the title of SS- Obergruppenführer.

Schwarz died in an internment camp near Regensburg on 2 December 1947. A Munich de-Nazification court posthumously classified him in September 1948 as a ‘Major Offender’.