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Fred Thomas Dubois


Fred Thomas Dubois, American senator. member Board of Ordnance and Fortification; member Internat.


Dubois, Fred Thomas was born on May 29, 1851 in Crawford Company, Illinois, United States. Son of Jesse K. (state auditor Illinois) and Adelia (Morris) D.


Bachelor of Arts, Yale.


January 11, 1899; children—Mistress Elizabeth Cannon. Toussaint. Went to Idaho, 1880. United States marshal, 1882-1886.

Was active in the anti-Mormon agitation. Delegate in 50th and 51st Congresses (1887-1891). Instrumental in securing admission of Idaho to statehood, 1890.

1st United States senator from Idaho, 1891-1897. Delegate Republican National convs., 1888, 92, 96. Withdrew from convention, 1896, after adoption of gold-standard platform.

Silver Republican candidate for reëlection, 1896. Reëlected for term 1901-1907. Became Democrat after election.

Had charge of Champ Clark’s campaign for presidential nomination, 1912. Became vice president First National Fire Insurance Company President Capital Service and Information Bureau, Washington. Appointed civilian member Board of Ordnance and Fortification.

War Department, March 1918. Appointed member International Joint Commission, 1924. Chairman of the Board National U. School of Law.

Washington, District of Columbia Home: Blackfoot, Ida.


Member Board of Ordnance and Fortification. Member Internat.


Married Miss Edna M. Whited. Children: Mistress.

Jesse K. Dubois

Miss Edna M. Whited.

Mrs Dubois