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Fredric Kauffmann Schroeder Edit Profile

federal commissioner

Fredric Kauffmann Schroeder, Peruvian federal commissioner. Certified elementary and secondary administration; special education, New Mexico.


Schroeder, Fredric Kauffmann was born on May 6, 1957 in Lima, Peru. Son of Florence Schroeder.


Bachelor in Psychology, San Fransisco State University, 1977. Master of Arts in Special Education, San Fransisco State University, 1978. Postgraduate, San Fransisco State University, 1980.

Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Administration, University New Mexico.


Teacher, coordinator, Albuquerque Public Schools, 1980-1986;executive director, N. Mexico Common for the Blind, 1986-1994;commissioner Rehabilitation Superior vena cava syndrome Administration, unites states department Education, since 1994. Consultant City of Albuquerque, 1985, Minnesota Acads. for Deaf and Blind, 1985, Gulf South Research Institute, New Orleans, 1986, Metro. Center for Indiana Living, 1988.


  • Certified elementary and secondary administration. Special education, New Mexico.


Married Cathlene Ann Nusser, January 3, 1981. Children: Carrie Ann, Matthew Stephen.

Florence Schroeder Schroeder

Cathlene Ann Nusser

Carrie Ann Schroeder

Matthew Stephen Schroeder