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Fritz Hermanns


Student Kreissparkasse Schleiden and Kreissparkasse Koln, 1940-1956.


Board directors Dortmund City Savings Bank, Federal Republic Germany, 1956-1962. Board directors Stadtsparkasse Koln, Federal Republic Germany, 1962-1971, chairman, 1971-1989. Board directors German Savings Bank and Giro Association, Bonn, Rhineland Savings Bank and Giro Association, Düsseldorf.

Board directors European Commission International, Brussels. Board directors N. Rhine-Westphalia Stock Exchange, Dusseldorf, Federal Republic Germany.


Member Savings Bank Consultative Committee for Westdeutsche Landesbank and Provinzial Insurance Group. Member supervisory bodies of various cultural, social and company organizations. Member NAC, Cologne Chamber of Industry and Commerce (member plenary assembly), Rhineland Savings Bank Academy (member governing body), International Savings Banks Institute (member consultative committee), Rotary.