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Galina Leonidovna Brezhneva

Circus devotee

Galina Brezhneva, Circus devotee.


Brezhneva, Galina was born in 1930.


Studied in the literature faculty of the Dnepropetrovsk Pedagogical Institute, and later moved to the philosophy department at Kishinev University. Graduated.


Leonid Brezhnev’s daughter. Married Evgenii Milaev, the circus acrobat and strongman, in Kishinev, 1951. Initiated divorce proceedings 8 years later.

Her second husband, whom she married in a secret ceremony in the south (probably in the Crimea), was Igor Kio, son of the famous illusionist, and head of the Kio circus dynasty, Emil Renard Kio. This marriage, to a man 15 years her junior, infuriated her father, and was annulled by militiamen sent by him. Chose as her third husband the 32- year-old lieutenant-colonel of the militia, Iurii Churbanov, who at the time was married with two children.

Through her father she promoted him to the position of First Deputy Minister of the Interior. (He was later arrested and put on trial for a 4 billion-rouble cotton scandal, foreign car dealing, and numerous other offences). Soon embarrassed her father and husband through her long-time affair with a 29-year-old gypsy actor, B. Buriatse, whom she promoted into the Bolshoi Theatre.

Worked at various times as a circus make-up woman when on tour abroad. Also worked at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It has also been suggested that she was involved in dealings on the black market in gold and diamonds.

Implicated herself in a robbery from the famous animaltrainer Irina Bugrimova’s registered collection of diamonds. Not prosecuted (but Buriatse was). After her father’s death she lost everything.

Lives virtually under house-arrest in her own dacha near Moscow.