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Georce Wan Edit Profile

also known as Wan Chao-chih

Government official

Georce Wan acted all his life as a Government official. He also worked in the field of education. In addition,


He was born in Nanchang, Kiangsi, China (Nanchang, Jiangxi, China) in 1890.


In 1910 Mr. Wan graduated from the Peking Imperial University. Then he went to America in 1914, where he studied at Johns Hopkins University (Bachelor of Arts in 1916 and Master of Arts in 1917) and Harvard University (Bachelor of Laws in 1919).


Georce Wan was a professor of international law and polictical science in Peking Government University from 1919 till 1920, secretary of the Ministry of Communications in 1920-21, acting secretary of the Ministry of Justice in 1921, acting chief secretary of the Cabinet in 1923, councillor of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1923.