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George Samuel Horace Barton

also known as Dr. G. S. H. Barton


George Samuel Horace Barton, Canadian government official. Decorated Companion Order St. Michael and St. George. Republican for Canada, Council of Food and Agriculture Organisation, United Nations Vice president Canadian Society Technology Agriculturists, 1920-1923, president, 1923-1925; president Eastern Canada Society of Animal Production, 1928-1930.


Ethnicity: Dr. George Samuel Horace Barton was the third child of John McCann Barton and Margaret Ann Allen.

Dr. George Samuel Horace Barton was born in Vankleek Hill in 1883.

He died in January 4, 1962, while taking part in a curling match at the Rideau club.


He graduated from the Ontario Agricultural College in Guelph as a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture. He was a star left-winger for the senior hockey team at the Ontario college


He worked in Macdonald College as a lecturer and an assistant, and then became the agriculture faculty's second dean. Barton's deanship was marked by changes in the degree program to include fewer production-oriented courses, an increase in more basic science subjects and the establishment of inter-departmental research committees. For his contributions, he was recognized with an honorary doctorate of science in agriculture from Laval University in 1928.

In 1932, when Canada was in midst of the Great Depression, he was called to Ottawa to serve the country as its deputy minister of agriculture. This post he held during 17 years. Since 1948 he was appointed as a special assistant to Minister of Agriculture. Was a founding member of the United Nations' Food and Agricultural Organization.


  • He was named a member of a three-party Combined Food Board with the United States and the United Kingdom, charged with allocating food, fibre and fertilizer supplies to the Allied nations during the Second World War.


  • article

    • The World Food Supply (1949)


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    golf, hockey, curling


Married Mabel Pauline Loveridge, 1912.

Margaret Ann (Allen) Barton