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George Frederick Dick Edit Profile

pathologist , Bacteriologist

George Frederick Dick was an American bacteriologist and pathologist.


George Frederick Dick was born on July 21, 1881 in Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States.


He received his M. D. degree from Rush Medical College in 1905.


In 1910 he became an instructor in pathology at the University of Chicago and from 1933 to 1945 he was both professor of pathology and chairman of the department of medicine. In 1923 the Dicks experimentally produced scarlet fever in man by inoculating volunteers with a strain of hemolytic streptococcus. In 1924 they determined that the scarlet fever rash was produced by a toxin of the bacterium. The Dick test, an injection of the toxin, determines susceptibility to scarlet fever. They also discovered a scarlet fever antitoxin.


  • He isolated and identified the bacterium that causes scarlet fever together with his wife Dr. Gladys H. Dick.


His wife was Dr. Gladys H. Dick.

Dr. Gladys H. Dick