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George Ashdown Audsley


George Ashdown Audsley, British architect.


Audsley, George Ashdown was born on September 6, 1838 in Elgin, Scotland.


Guide to Illuminating and Missal Painting.


  • Author (with William J. Audsley): Illuminated Sermon on the Mount. Illuminated Prisoner of Chillon. Guide to Illuminating and Missal Painting.

    Handbook of Christian Symbolism. Cottage, Lodge and Villa Architecture. Polychromatic Decoration Applied to Buildings in the Gothic Styles.

    Outlines of Ornament in all Styles. Taste versus Fashionable Colors. Popular Dictionary of Architecture and the Allied Arts (unfinished).

    Author: Keramic Art of Japan. Ornamental Arts of Japan. The Art of Chromolithography.

    The Practical Decorator. The Art of Organ Building, 1905. Also several lesser publications.