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George Wilbur Hubley, Edit Profile

Federal agency administrator

George Wilbur Hubley, was American federal agency administrator. Recipient formal commendatino for role in formation, American Indian National Bank, 1974, Wilford White award meritorious government services to small business, 1976.


Hubley,, George Wilbur was born on August 19, 1910 in Louisville. Son of George Wilbur and Sara Shelby (Wolfe) Hubley.


Bachelor of Arts Louisville, 1933. Postgraduate, University Chicago, 1933—1935.


State coordinator research projects World Pet Association, Louisville, 1937—1938. Regional coordinator research projects Federal Works Agencies, Chicago, 1939—1941. Federal coordinator research projects, national director health research assistance liaison officer United States Public Health Service, Washington, 1941—1942.

Director research Kentucky Chamber of Commerce, Louisville, 1946—1947. President Management Consultant, Inc. Kentucky, 1947; executive director Kentucky Agricultural and Industrial Development Board, 1948—1953.

Executive vice president Ohio Valley Improvement Association, 1953—1955. Commissioner economic development Commonwealth of Kentucky, 1956—1960. Director Maryland Department Economic Development, 1960—1967.

Assistant United States commissioner economic development Bureau Indian Affairs, Department Interior, Washington, 1967—1970, chief industrial and tourrism development, 1970—1974. Staff assistant secretary interior on detached service as business liaison officer State of Maryland, from 1974. Originator, designer economic development programs, Kentucky, Maryland, New Mexico.

Chairman Kentucky Small Business Commission, Kentucky, 1952—1953. Member Maryland Commission New York World's Fair, 1964—1965, Maryland Regional Export Council, 1963—1967. Past member Maryland Regional Export Expansion Council.

From captain to lieutenant colonel Army of the United States, 1942-1946.


Member Maryland Advisory Council Alcoholism Control. Board directors Safety County Maryland. Member of Sons of the American Revolution, American Industrial Development Council, Southern Association State Planning and Devel Agencies (president 1952), Association State Economic Development Agencies (national president 1959-1960), Kentucky History Society, National Planning Association (director), Annapolitan Club (Annapolis), National Aviation Club (Washington), Filson Club (Louisville).


Married Alice M. Gordon Barrickman, January 1, 1938. Children: George Wilbur III, Gordon Grant, Todd McAlister.

George Wilbur Hubley

Sara Shelby (Wolfe) Hubley

Alice M. Gordon Barrickman

George Wilbur III Hubley,

Gordon Grant Hubley,

Todd McAlister Hubley,