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Georges Victor Abi-Ghanem Edit Profile

civil engineer , Environmental engineer

Georges Victor Abi-Ghanem, Senegalese, American civil engineer, environmental engineer. Recipient graduate studies scholarship, 1976-1977. Member American Mathematics Society, American Physical Society, American Geophysical Union.


Abi-Ghanem, Georges Victor was born on February 16, 1954 in Dakar, Senegal. Came to the United States 1976. Son of Victor and Souad (Syriani) Abi-G.


Maitrise Es-Science with honors, Universite Claude-Bernard, Academie de Lyon, France, 1975. Diplome d'Ingénieur Civil, ESIB, Lebanon, 1976. Master of Science in Water Resources Engineering, Stanford University, 1977.

Master of Science in Structures and Mechanics, Princeton University, 1980. Doctor of Philosophy in Continuum Physics, Princeton University, 1982.


Research engineer, U. Delft, The Netherlands, 1975; research associate, U. Arizona, 1977-1978; research and teaching assistant School of Engineering and Applied Science, Princeton University, 1978-1982; chief engineer, general manager, EWA, Inc., Minneapolis, 1983-1987; principal scientist, EWA, Inc., Minneapolis, 1987-1990; principal scientist, ARDI Corporation, Minneapolis, since 1983. Consultant to federal and state agys. and various corporations in the United States and abroad, since 1977. Technical reviewer Water Resources Research, Society Petroleum Engineers Journal and Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, since 1982.

Observer Audits of the United States Department of Energy Contracts on High-Level Nuclear Waste Disposal Projects, 1987. Technical reviewer Research and Development grant applications National Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada, since 1987, Oversight of United States Department of Energy Environmental Restoration and Waste Management Activites, 1988-1990. Peer reviewer Hanford Environmental Dose Reconstruction Project, Hanford, Washington, since 1990.


  • Achievements include development of models for simulation of flow and transport of chemicals and radionuclides in air, water and geological media, of stochastic based criteria for the evaluation of environmental/health monitoring network designs, of remedial action strategies for hazardous/nuclear wastes site clean-up. Characterization of scale dependent rock properties for analysis and survivability of deep underground structures subject to shock wave impulses. Structural stability criteria for the construction and performance of new and improved materials.

    Modelling of surface physics processes and thin film growth. Neuromorphic Systems design & stability criteria. Research in hazardous/nuclear waste technology and monitoring design for environmental systems, in atmospheric chemistry and physics of air pollution, in physics of state transition in solids, and in image formation, compression of complex information, and associative memory in neural webworks.


  • Other Work

    • Co-author: (with V. V. Nguyen and H. O. Pfannkuch) Practical Solutions to Chemical Spillages and Groundwater Contamination. Contributor articles to Water Resources Research, Physical Review, Journal of Physics, Journal of Mathematical Physics, others. Author numerous publications in conference proceedings and technical reports.


Member American Mathematics Society, American Physical Society, American Geophysical Union.


Victor Abi-G.

Souad (Syriani) Abi-G.