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Georgii Georgievich Demidov

author , dissident

Georgii Demidov, USSR Author, dissident.


Demidov, Georgii was born in 1908.


Graduated from Khar’kov University, as a physicist, 1933.


Arrested after a false denunciation, 1935. Spent 10 years in labour camps. Spent a second term of 10 years for his criticism of Beria.

Worked as an electrician in the labour camps where he met the author, Varlam Shalamov. Influenced by Shalamov, he began writing. Settled in Ukhta and worked as the head of a construction bureau.

Scientist and inventor. Retired and continued to write about the camps. In 1980, the Committee for State Security confiscated his manuscripts despite protests from other writers.

One of the longest term Kolyma prisoners who survived the Gulag.