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Georgii Nikolaevich Zhilenkov

general , politician

Georgii Zhilenkov, USSR General, politician.


Zhilenkov, Georgii was born in 1909.


Grew up in state orphanages. Rose to become a senior party functionary. Active Communist Party member.

Before World War II, secretary of one of the Moscow party raikoms. Brigade Commissar in the 32nd Army. Near Smolensk, encircled by Germans and taken prisoner.

Soon disguising himself as a private soldier, volunteered for a German unit as a Hilfswilliger, employed as a munitions driver. Did not reveal his true identity until he was about to be shot with a group of other Hiwis on suspicion of sabotage. Sent to Lotzen special camp, and later to Berlin, where he met General Vlasov’s men.

One of the first organizers of Russian anti-Stalin military units with the German Army during World War II. Joined General Vlasov and the ROA. Mainly active as a political and propaganda expert. Was suspected of being a Soviet agent by some of his comrades, who approached Vlasov’s chief-of-staff, Kromiadi, with the suggestion of liquidating him. In 1945, handed over to SMERSH by the Americans in Germany.

Imprisoned at Lubianka, sentenced to death and hanged.


Religion divides people, and is a cause of numerous wars and conflicts throughout the human history.


The emphasis on peaceful coexistence doesn’t mean that the Soviet Union accepted a static world with clear lines. Socialism is inevitable and the "correlations of forces" were moving towards socialism.