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Georgii Evgen’evich, Prince Lvov

land-owner , Politician Lawyer

Georgii Evgen’evich, Prince Lvov, USSR Politician. Lawyer, land-owner.


Lvov, Georgii Evgen’evich, Prince was born on November 2, 1861.


Served in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, 1886-1893. Well-known representative of the Zemstvo. Member of the 1st Duma.

Close to the Cadet Party. During World War I, chairman of the All-Zemstvo Union and Zemgor. The first Prime Minister of the Provisional Government until July 1917 (succeeded by Kerenskii).

After the October Revolution 1917, emigrated to France. During the Civil War, head of the Russian Political Conference in Paris, 1918-1920.