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Georgiy Timofeevich GUTIEV

agronomist , phytoculturist and ecologist

Georgiy GUTIEV, USSR Agronomist, phytoculturist and ecologist. Instructor in subtropical plants; associate, All-Union Institute of Tea and Subtropical Crops, since 1947.


GUTIEV, Georgiy was born in 1907 in Rostov-on-Don.


1930 graduated Don Agriculture Institute.


1930-1932 at AllUnion Institute of Phytoculture. 1933-1940 at All-Union Institute of Humid Subtropics, Sukhumi. 1940-1947 at All-Union Institute, of Dry Subtropics, Stalinabad.

Made many expeditions through the USSR.


Religion is bad because it wastes time and money.


The system with equal access of every Soviet citizen to national wealth can be created under the leadership of the Communist Party.