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German Stepanovich TITOV

military , pilot , major

German TITOV, Military pilot; Major; spaceman, 1961; Honoured Master of Sport of USSR since 1961. two scrolls of Leningrad Oblast Communist Youth League Committee, 1958; Hero of Soviet Union, 1961; Order of Lenin, 1961; Order of Gold Star, 1961; Order of Karl Marx (German Democratic Republic), 1961; Humboldt Medal (German Democratic Republic), 1961. Member, Communist Party, since 1961.


TITOV, German was born in 1935 in Verkhnee Zhilino, Altay Kray, Russian Soviet Federated Socialist Republic. Son of secondary-school teacher.


1957 graduated Air Force Pilots’ School.


Since 1949 Communist Youth League member. Since 1957 military pilot, Leningrad Military District. 6-7 August 1961 piloted spacecraft ‘‘Vostok 2”, which orbited earth 17 times and covered distance of 700,000 kilometers in 25 hours and 18 minutes before landing.

The vessel’s orbit, which was close to the calculated orbit, had the following parameters: perigee 178 kilometers. Apogee 257 kilometers. Angle of inclination to equator 65° 56r.

The craft’s initial period of revolution was 88.6 minutes. Its weight, excluding last stage of rocket, was 4,731 kilograms. Two-way communication on frequencies of 15.765 and 20.006 megacycles in the shortwave range and 143.625 megacycles in the ultrashortwave range was maintained during flight.

7 August 1961 Titov was flown to Moscow for personal meeting with Khrushchev and reception in Kremlin. September 1961 visited German Democratic Republic.


Member, Communist Party, since 1961.


Member, Communist Party, since 1961.