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Giancarlo RUFFINO


Giancarlo RUFFINO, Italian Senator.


RUFFINO, Giancarlo was born on April 10, 1930 in Millesimo, Savona, Italy.


University of Genoa, Bachelor of Law.


President, Catholic Action. Mayor, Millesimo, 1960-1964. Member, Provincial Committee, Christian Democrats.

Provincial Assessor, and Provincial Vice-Sec., Christian Democrats. 1964-1970; Regional Councillor, Christian Democrats, 1970-1975. Liguria; Head of Christian Democrats Council Group.

President 1st Committee on BudgetPlanning and Institutional Affairs. Confirmed Regional Councillor, 1975. Elected Senator, Savona, since 1976.

Member Committees on Hygiene and Health, Constitutional Affairs. Supervision of Radio-T.V. Services. Spokesman on law relative to security forces.

On Budget of Ministry of Interior. Co-spokesman on RAI-T.V Budget. Secretary Committee on Justice.

Acting member of Committee for Prosecution Procedures. Member Cltec. on Elections and Parly, immunity. Proponent of various bills, passed as laws on crash-helmets, tax reforms/death duties.

Member, Committee on Finance and Treasury. Nominated Under-Secretary of State, Ministry of Interior, 1989. Lawyer; Second Lieutenant (reserves).