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Giovanni Silvestro COCO


Giovanni Silvestro COCO, Italian Senator.


COCO, Giovanni Silvestro was born on January 11, 1935 in Castelbuono, Palermo, Italy.


Degree in Jurisprudence.


Elected Senator, Caltanissetta, since 1976. Member Leadership Christian Democrats. Vice-President election body and of Committee for authorizations to prosecute.

Head of Christian Democrats Group, Committee on Justice. Member Committee of Inquiry on the massacre of via Fani and of the Control Committee for the information and security services and for Secrets of State. Compiler and presenter of first bill for the Tribunal of Liberty, on behalf of Christian Democrats Senators Group, 1978.

Drew up and presented the bill on the separation of judicial powers, the reform of the local government offices and the extension of the civil and penal powers of the praetor. Spokesman for the main legal initiatives approved by the Senate for the defence of the democracy. Penal and procedural standards for the prevention and repression of serious crimes and Urgent measures for the maintenance of the democratic State and Public Security.

Re-elected Senator, 1983. Member Committee on Justice. Member Consultative Committee on the funds for Belice.

Member Committee of SIS. President Special Committee on Earthquakes. Re-elected Senator, 1987.

Member Committee on Justice. Under Secretary of State at the Department of Justice, July since 1989. Supreme Court Magistrate.

Lecturer in Civil Law, Professor of Commercial Law, University of Palermo. Writer for, ‘II Popolo', ‘La Discussione', ‘II Corriere della Sera', ‘II Giornle di Sicilia', ‘La Sicilia'. (dailies).